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Why Use Recycled Aggregate?

The recycling of aggregates from recovered asphalt pavement and concrete debris conserves resources and landfill space.

An increasing number of roads and structures in the United States are in need of replacement or repair. These tear-downs and repairs generate large quantities of demolition wastes yielding over 200 million metric tons of recycled aggregates annually.

However, only about 80 percent of the recovered material is currently being recycled with the remaining 20 percent being dumped in landfills.

The decreasing availability of landfill space and depletion of natural resources together are driving the increased need for concrete and asphalt recycling.

Having a concrete and asphalt crushing and recycling plant in Southwest Colorado in close proximity to the Four Corners area minimizes transportation costs, energy use, wear and tear on roadways and reduces dumping costs.

Mobile crushing and screening plants at the demolition site provide an even greater reduction of these costs as the aggregate is reused as soon as it is processed.

In addition to solving the landfill space issue and providing an environmentally friendly construction material, using the recycled concrete and asphalt aggregate for construction applications reduces the cost of stone base by as much as 40% compared with natural stone base.

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